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School Resource Officer

Holy Trinity High School is very pleased to welcome School Resource Officer to our staff. Many people wonder why a high school might have a police officer on staff. 

Several years ago, Edmonton Catholic and Public Schools initiated this program as a means to foster good relationships between young people and our police department. 

School Resource Officer serves both as source of information for students who have queries regarding parking tickets or bylaws, but SRO also serves as a safety measure, not from within the school but from visitors outside of our school. 

Because Holy Trinity has a 'no hat' policy and a small population where Trinity students are known by face to teachers and support staff, it is easy to recognize individuals who are not from our school. 

Should someone be in the school who has not checked in at the office, we will often ask School Resource Officer to greet that person and determine why he or she is in the school. 

This contributes to an atmosphere of comfort and safety for our school. We have a small incident rate, however, and so we share our School Resource Officer with another high school. 

Should you wish to contact the SRO, you can leave a message with our receptionist at (780) 462-5777.