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A new voice for Catholic Education

By emphasizing values alongside academic rigor, Edmonton Catholic Schools epitomizes a vital society with a moral conscience. The District commits to excellence in education and builds community centered in Christ's teachings thus providing students with the best education possible. The District's commitment is founded on a fundamental belief in the worth and benefits of Catholic education--for students and for humanity.   

The time has come to give this valuable institution a hand. With Catholic schools facing more challenges than ever before, the Edmonton Catholic Schools Foundation was formed to preserve, to protect and to strengthen Catholic education by raising public awareness of its importance and by enhancing community financial support. 

A new voice is needed: A Voice that is sustainable and dynamic, and allows the District to depend on long-term affirmation. 

The good news is that such a voice represents a tremendous opportunity to reinvigorate support of Catholic education in Edmonton and make it stronger than ever. The Foundation exists to raise funds with integrity through all available channels while assuring sound f​inancial management and prudent investment practices.  The distribution of funds will be guided by the following Goals of the Foundation: 

Enhanced Catholic Identity 
Support expenditures identified by Edmonton Catholic Schools that help to sustain and support the Catholic message in ways that  resonate with students, educators, parents, the church, and the community. 

Community of Service 
Fund requests made by principals on behalf of children and/or families who "fall between the cracks". 

Foster relationships between the Foundation and its many publics by serving as a bridge to increased understanding on behalf of Catholic education and Friends of the Foundation. 

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