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Why Choose STFX Lacrosse Academy

Academics: The primary advantage of attending St. Francis Xavier over top of competitors like Vimy Ridge is the longstanding commitment to rigorous academics and the quality of education your daughter or son will receive.

Family Atmosphere: Transitioning into high school can be a challenge for new students.   Xavier Lacrosse features students with similar interests who look out for each other in the halls and socialize outside of academy time. 

Instructors: Xavier Lacrosse is committed to using top flight instructors with experience at the national, NCAA, and professional level to teach fundamental skills and techniques that will be paramount in building better lacrosse players and better athletes. More importantly – instructors at Xavier Lacrosse are dedicated to constantly researching to provide innovative teaching methods. 

Friendly Environment: St. Francis Xavier High School has a reputation for being a true community. We highly recommend students engage in other athletic programs, enjoy our big events (Mike Dea, Bikeathon, Travel Club, BOOM, Ramapalooza, Winter’s Over Water Fight, Annual Ping Pong Tournament, Multicultural Day, etc.). St. Francis Xavier is a truly unique school community with an opportunity for every type of personality.

Facilities: With the recent and state of the art St. Francis Xavier Sport Center as well as access to the Jasper Place Bowl and West Soccer Center, Xavier Lacrosse has access to state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to conduct programming unique amongst other offered academy programs. 

Fitness Programs: Whether a goal-oriented future star or a recreational athlete passionate about lacrosse, St. FX offers full-time access to a full compliment of equipment and full time fitness professional who will personally cater a program to an athlete’s specific needs/wants. 


Xavier Lacrosse is a competitive program with only 25 available openings. 

Register today before we fill up for the 2018-2019 fall semester!