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Upcoming Events


Tickets to the MMM drama production LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS will be on sale from December 18th to March 5th

All shows to take place at the Arts Barn Studio Theatre, located at 10330 84 Avenue NW, tickets are $20.00 each

Purchase your tickets online through PowerSchool on the parent portal:

If you do not have a parent portal log in, please contact the school office to assist you in setting up your account.

If you are not an ECSD Parent or Student who would like to purchase tickets please follow the instructions “How to create a guest account ECSD”

Or contact the school business office for additional information on how to obtain your tickets:

Dual Credit Survey

Help us to determine if there is interest in taking University level courses at MMM. You can also provide feedback as to what courses should be offered. These courses can start as early as February 2020 as an after school program. We are also exploring the opportunity to have these courses available during the regular day programming at MMM for the 2020 - 2021 school year. 

Take the survey here.