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SJB Open House & Events

In 2020-21 our school-wide Open House will take place on January 28, 2021 at 6 pm. For more information, please click on the 'School Information' tab under Open House Information on the left bar.

St. John Bosco School offers a variety of programming to meet diverse student needs and wants.  Click on link below to view a video about our school and what it offers your child and scroll down the page for other features about our school.

School Promo Video

For a full listing of the programs and resources that our school offers children,  please click on the link below. 

SJB School Profile. 

If you are interested in registering, please go to the "How to Register" tab on the left side bar of this website.   

Continue to scroll down to read and click on various links for information about some of our school features and events.

This video and the link below will give you some information about how we use our Learning Commons space and its various tools to help enhance 'Inquiry-Based Learning' at our school.  Students engage and learn competencies and skills by being active participants in their learning.  Take a moment to view this important video.  
Click on link below to read about our Learning Commons
Learning Commons Information.pdf
Because it’s never too early—or too late—to improve your money smarts. 
Financial Literacy is an important life skill and as such, our school is committed to our partnership with Junior ATB.

ATB’s innovative financial literacy programs, Junior ATB provides valuable money management skills. Junior ATB Math, social studies, science…money smarts? Financial literacy isn’t part of the standard Alberta education, but we've heard from many of you who think it should be. That’s why we are committed to our partnership with Junior ATB to teacher our students  money management such as banking and budgeting.

Since 2009, over 1800 Alberta school kids have participated in Junior ATB, an in-school financial literacy program for students in Grades 4 to 6. In partnership with Junior ATB, Junior ATB team members work with students to set up their very own “bank.” The students are hired and trained in various jobs, from greeters and tellers to president and members of the board of directors. The students open up accounts for their fellow students and accept deposits that are held in ATB Generation Accounts (requiring parental approval for withdrawals).

Junior ATB teaches students about the importance of saving and encourages valuable life skills like public speaking, accountability, providing good customer service, job interviewing, marketing and public relations.

Please take a moment to watch a special Province wide commercial filmed onsite at our school that is now being used  by Jr. ATB to share the good news of all that Jr. ATB has to offer towards the development of Financial Literacy in today's young.

Click on link below to read about our SJB Junior ATB Program.

Junior ATB Information.pdf
Click on the links below to read about just one of many Social Justice Service Learning initiatives that students engage in to develop a variety of competencies and skills in our students.  The We Care Marketplace Event is an annual event.   

We Care Marketplace Pre Event 
We Care Marketplace Post Event